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  1. 2021

    A look back at 2021.

  2. Games as a Service are Ruining Gaming

    I'm exhausted by the daily grind of video game chores.

  3. My Movie a Year Challenge

    I watched one movie from each year since 1975.

  4. It's Your Website

    No one cares about your stack.

  5. Adding Algolia search to an Eleventy site with Netlify

    After months of struggles I finally found a relatively easy solution.

  6. Variants

    Thoughts on traveling the sacred timeline.

  7. Extreme Makeover Homepage Edition

    I am the Ty Pennington of Lighthouse scores.

  8. Cool CSS

    Turning my CSS methodology into the last framework I'll (hopefully) ever have to build.

  9. 2020

    Well, that sucked.

  10. Why I Love Modern Warfare (Again)

    Once more into the fray.

  11. Extra Life 2020

    Our seventh year of helping sick children.

  12. Goodbye, Groupon

    Leaving the longest job I've ever held.

  13. Simple Groupon

    Demonstrating the power of design tokens for a hackathon.

  14. Why I Love Animal Crossing

    A small comfort amidst a pandemic.

  15. Quarantine Diary 1

    Notes from a pandemic.

  16. My Year of Film

    My attempt to watch one film per day in 2020.

  17. 2019

    A look back at 2019.

  18. Extra Life 2019

    Leveling up fundraising in year six!

  19. Why I Love Dark

    The best show on Netflix you (probably) haven't seen.

  20. Don't Let Your Engineering Team Bleed Out

    Thoughts on being a CSS medic.

  21. What's Next?

    Am I having a mid-life crisis?

  22. Why I Love Slay the Spire

    My latest video game obsession is killing my productivity.

  23. Why I Hate Battle Royales

    The latest trend in video games is not for me.

  24. Ryan

    Reflections on being a new dad.

  25. 500 Episodes

    My favorite podcast celebrates 10+ years.

  26. 2018

    A look back at the longest year in history.

  27. Should Painters Sculpt?

    In which I ponder that age old question.

  28. Driving Your Design System with Tokens

    Design tokens are the key to a maintainable, cross-platform design system

  29. Four Years

    It's been awhile.

  30. Extra Life for Lurie Children's Hospital

    I'm playing video games for 24 hours to honor my daughter, Olivia.

  31. CSS at Groupon

    A look at our CSS frameworks at Groupon.

  32. Building a Dream Team

    My beef with the term "full-stack developer."