Goodbye, Groupon

July 23, 2020

Last year, I reminisced about my time at Groupon, and wondered what might be next. It's been over eight and a half years since I started at Groupon and today was my last day.

While I was never incredibly enthusiastic about internet coupons, I was fortunate to work with so many talented, generous and fun people in my time at Groupon. It's really because of them that I stuck around for so long, and because of them that I have grown enough to take the next step in my career.

I put together this video for the team to share some of my fondest memories there.

I also started building out the "Work" section of my website, where I detailed a lot of the work I did at Groupon. I'm planning on adding to that section going all the way back to my first website. It's a lot to sift through and I hope to get some working demos up and running eventually.

On Monday, I'll be starting at Provi as the Senior Design Systems Engineer, where I'll have an opportunity to take everything I learned developing CSS frameworks and a design system at Groupon and apply it at a smaller scale. As the company grows, the system will grow to support it.

I'm really excited about this new chapter in my life. I'm someone who thrives on change and after being in the same house for five years, the same job for almost nine years and the same relationship for over ten years, something had to give. And my wife would only allow me to change jobs, so...

I'm Mike Aparicio, Principal Design Systems Engineer at Turquoise Health. I'm interested in helping companies large and small improve collaboration between design and engineering through the use of design systems. I specialize in creating custom CSS frameworks that empower engineering teams to get from concept to production quickly, while writing little to no CSS themselves. I write about web design and development, video games, pop culture, and other things I find interesting. I live in the Chicago area with my wife, three sons, and two dogs.

You can find me on most places on the Internet as @peruvianidol.

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