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Hi! I'm Mike Aparicio, a Chicago-based web developer interested in helping companies large and small improve collaboration between design and engineering through the use of design systems.


  1. Adding Algolia search to an Eleventy site with Netlify

    After months of struggles I finally found a relatively easy solution.

  2. Variants

    Thoughts on traveling the sacred timeline.

  3. Extreme Makeover Homepage Edition

    I am the Ty Pennington of Lighthouse scores.

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I have over 25 years experience making websites for individual entrepreneurs to large companies and everything in between. I'm currently the Senior Design Systems Engineer at Provi.

Read more about the work I've done at Groupon, The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and elsewhere.


Mike giving a talk on responsive design.

I built a basic design system for Frontend Horse and talked to Alex Trost about the process.

I gave a talk at the inaugural Eleventy Meetup called Templating: Eleventy's Superpower, where I demonstrated how to create an Eleventy site in ~10 minutes.

I spoke with Dan Mall at Superfriendly on Get It Out of Your System about how communication is one of the biggest challenges in establishing a design system.

On the Command Z Podcast, I talked to Layshi Curbelo about how design systems help improve collaboration between designers and engineers.

At University of Illinois' WebCon 2019, I gave a talk called Lessons From the Coupon Factory, where I shared the evolution of Groupon's design system.