I'm interested in helping companies large and small improve collaboration between design and development through the use of design systems. I have over 25 years experience making websites for individual entrepreneurs to large companies and everything in between. My background includes experience in computer science, design, journalism, public speaking, photography and video production, among other things. So while you might find a better designer or developer, you're unlikely to find someone who can apply all of those skills in a single role.

Here you'll find some detailed information on some of the work I've done throughout my career. If you're looking for the abridged version, you can find me on LinkedIn.

Turquoise Health

January 2023–Present
Principal Design Systems Engineer


July 2020–December 2022
Senior Design Systems Engineer


October 2011–July 2020
Senior User Interface Engineer

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS)

December 2005–September 2011
Senior Staff Associate, Webmaster


July 2000–July 2001

Side Projects


Dogs of Dev (2021–present)

Inspired by the awesome pups of fellow web designers and developers, I created Dogs of Dev to serve as a sanctuary from all the doomscrolling, shit posting, and political discourse that sours our everyday Internet experience. Dogs of Dev is just a place to look at cute dogs.

11ty Recipes (2021–present)

11ty Recipes is the site I wish existed when I got started with the static site generator, Eleventy. There are lots of great starter sites out there, but they tend to include a lot of features that you may or may not want. 11ty Recipes offers step-by-step instructions on adding each individual feature to your Eleventy site.


At Second City I had the opportunity to write, perform and film a bunch of sketches. I was able to also apply those skills to several hackathon projects at Groupon.


Gift of Giving

Starring Charles Rasmussen, Jen Buhrow and Abby Stassen. Written by Mike Aparicio. Directed, shot and edited by Ray Hui.

Bite Shark

Starring Alejandro Reyes, Kim Turner, Andy Brayan, Jason Zufall, Abby Stassen, Mike Aparicio, Armando Reyes and Greg Szydlowski. Written by Team Goop Chute. Directed and edited by Greg Szydlowski. Shot by Mike Aparicio.


Starring Neil Jacobsen and Andy McCammon. Written by Mike Aparicio.


Starring Andy Kushnir and Andy McCammon. Written by Mike Aparicio.

Cash Confessional

Starring Mike Aparicio, Avery Lee and Theresa Teng. Written by Mike Aparicio.

Special Olympics

Starring Jack Famera and Mike Aparicio. Written by Mike Aparicio.


Starring Nikki Raistrick, Avery Lee and Mike Aparicio. Written by Avery Lee.


Starring Chris Powers and Mike Aparicio. Written, shot and edited by Mike Aparicio.


Starring Mike Aparicio, Jenny Ore, Laura Hamilton, Chris Powers, Tyler Jennings, Alan Spadoni and Todd Webb. Written, shot and edited by Mike Aparicio.

The Hit

Starring Eldridge Scales, Mike Aparicio and Clarissa DuBois. Written, shot and edited by Mike Aparicio.


Some of my favorite sketches that I wrote never got performed on stage. These are a few of my favorites.

Okay, I guess there's just the one that hasn't aged horribly.