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Posts filed under “Web Development”

  1. It's Your Website

    No one cares about your stack.

  2. Adding Algolia search to an Eleventy site with Netlify

    After months of struggles I finally found a relatively easy solution.

  3. Extreme Makeover Homepage Edition

    I am the Ty Pennington of Lighthouse scores.

  4. Cool CSS

    Turning my CSS methodology into the last framework I'll (hopefully) ever have to build.

  5. Simple Groupon

    Demonstrating the power of design tokens for a hackathon.

  6. Don't Let Your Engineering Team Bleed Out

    Thoughts on being a CSS medic.

  7. Should Painters Sculpt?

    In which I ponder that age old question.

  8. Driving Your Design System with Tokens

    Design tokens are the key to a maintainable, cross-platform design system

  9. CSS at Groupon

    A look at our CSS frameworks at Groupon.

  10. Building a Dream Team

    My beef with the term "full-stack developer."