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The Aparicios with Santa Claus

January 1, 2024


A look back at 2023.

Mike with Ryan, Owen and Emily in festive Christmas attire.

January 1, 2023


A look back at 2022.

Ryan holding hands with Santa Claus, Covid-style

January 1, 2022


A look back at 2021.

Dae Su from Oldboy contemplates 15 years in confinement

January 1, 2021


Well, that sucked.

Mike and his family with Santa Claus.

January 1, 2020


A look back at 2019.

Title card from the Netflix series, Dark

June 27, 2019

Why I Love Dark

The best show on Netflix you (probably) haven't seen.

A photo of Mike's family with Santa and Mrs. Claus

January 1, 2019


A look back at the longest year in history.